The Participant Observer Music CD of the Month is Kezeren Koiht by Merema

Merema, one the rising talents of folk music in Russia, released Kezeren Koiht (Old Custom) in 2020. The musicians are working towards saving the dying languages of their homeland, the Republic of Mordovia, located between Moscow and the Volga.

“Kezeren Koiht” (Old Custom) presents numerous traditional folk tunes from Mordovia recreated with new arrangements by Merema. The songs celebrate life. The first track, “Our Beloved Guests”, is a good-humored folk song about the importance of hospitality. “Gorkina Anastasia” takes a darker turn, a young widow, thanks to divine help, manages to free herself from the clutches of an evil “sister”, who is actually a mass murderer and decorates her house with body parts of her victims.—World Music Central.

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