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Thursday, Apr 22
12:30 PM 3 Italian Films
6:30 PM 2021 Women PeaceMakers Event
Friday, Apr 23
10:00 AM Virtual Tour of Umbria, Italy
12:00 PM iCafé – Your Passport to Culture!
4:00 PM The Shadow of El Centro: a History of Migrant Incarceration and Solidarity
Saturday, Apr 24
11:00 AM Book Talk: Kate Quinn
11:00 AM 16th Annual Student Shakespeare Festival
7:00 PM San Diego Opera: the Barber of Seville
Tuesday, Apr 27
7:00 PM San Diego Opera: the Barber of Seville
Wednesday, Apr 28
11:30 AM Talk: Confronting Racism. Embracing Diversity
3:30 PM Radicalism at the Crossroads: Black Women Activists in the Cold War
4:00 PM Talk: the Ripple Effect of Racial Bias in the Toy Industry
6:30 PM Film: Innocence
Thursday, Apr 29
1:00 PM Talk: a Third Way - the Origins of China’s Economic Strategy
Friday, Apr 30
10:00 AM 10th Annual International Jazz Day
12:00 PM iCafé – Your Passport to Culture!
12:00 PM Talk: Jillian Hernandez
7:00 PM San Diego Opera: the Barber of Seville
Saturday, May 1
10:00 AM Old Town Cinco de Mayo
7:00 PM San Diego Opera: the Barber of Seville
Sunday, May 2
10:00 AM Old Town Cinco de Mayo
Tuesday, May 4
5:00 PM Julius Caesar Shakespeare Reading Part 1
8:00 PM Film: Romeo and Juliet (1996)
Wednesday, May 5
5:00 PM Film as Witness to the Holocaust: a Victims’ Perspective with Leora Bilsky
5:00 PM Talk: Film as Witness to the Holocaust - a Victims’ Perspective

< Saturday, February 27, 2021 >

All Day To Tame a Wild Tongue: Art After Chicanismo Digital Exhibition To Tame a Wild Tongue: Art after Chicanismo brings together more than 25 artists, all of whom explore aspects of the Mexican American experience. Drawn exclusively from the Museum’s holdings and filling the Museum’s Farrell, and Wortz galleries, this exhibition includes painting, sculpture, and installation, taking the Chicano Art Movement as a point of departure. the politically and culturally inspired movement was created by Mexican American artists during the counterculture revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Heavily influenced by the iconography of revolutionary leaders, pre-Colonial art, Mexican religious icons, and socio-political issues, the movement resisted and challenged dominant social norms and stereotypes to move towards cultural autonomy. Against this backdrop of social and cultural activism, the exhibition features works from the 1980s to our current moment, interrogating the reverberations of the post-Chicano moment with special attention paid to our transnational region.

To Tame a Wild Tongue borrows its title from Gloria Anzaldúa’s pivotal text that underscores language as a source of both cultural identity and cultural hybridity. Taking a nod from Anzaldúa’s text, the exhibition foregrounds the cultural hybridity that exists within a transborder context, without relying on identity alone as the Chicano Movement did. Instead, the artists in this exhibition, who may or may not identify as Chicano/a/x, explore conceptual processes linked to the social, cultural, and political issues related to Mexican Americans living in the United States or to those living and making work on either side of the border. Split into five thematic sections, the exhibition examines ideas of activism, labor, rasquachismo, domesticana, and the border. Questioning what it means to create political and socially oriented work outside of the label of Chicano/a/x, many artists breach ethnic, cultural, and class barriers, as well as the physical borders that shape an urban, multicultural experience.

To Tame a Wild Tongue: Art after Chicanismo is organized by MCASD Curatorial Fellow Alana Hernandez and made possible by gifts to the annual operating fund. Institutional support of MCASD is provided by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture and the County of San Diego Community Enhancement Fund.

Admission/Cost: FREE

Online streaming event

Dates and times:
Ongoing until December 31, 2021
12:00 PM Walk the Block: Barrio Logan "Walk the Block" is a community initiative that was created in July 2020 to help struggling small businesses in Barrio Logan. Shop owners and local vendors set up their outdoor booths all along Logan Avenue. Food, Drinks, Clothing, & Gifts all available with a [email protected] twist. Every Saturday in Barrio Logan on Logan Avenue from Chicano Park to 26th Street. Masks Required Social Distancing Enforced

Admission/Cost: FREE

Between National and Logan Avenues under the Coronado Bridge.

Dates and times:
Saturdays - 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM
12:30 PM 29th Annual Kuumba (3) Day Fest 29th Annual Kuumba (3) Day Fest Black 2 Action (Not in Vain)

Admission/Cost: $15/day

Online Streaming Event
See link above


Friday, February 26
Night of Positive Images (Virtually)

6:30 PM - This year’s annual fest is a virtual celebration. Honoring special Royal Court Community Honorees: Dr. Wilma Wooten, Dr. Shirley Weber, Jacqueline Jackson, and Mrs. Ardell Matthews. The Ceremony: Vows to lead the struggle for self- determination. For those who believe we can still do something positive in this country. To honor the ancestors, and the footprints of dignity and example created with sacrifice and a frequency that would not be diminished.

Saturday, February 27
Day of Positive Challenges (Virtually)

12:30 PM - Kuumba Kids African American Person Chant” Saturday School and the Community Black Book Resource Nook.

1:00 PM - Virtual Panel Discussion on Effective Black Media how will it aid in ushering Black Art into the future.

2:00 PM - Taste of Soul San Diego San Diego’s Ujamaa Discussion listings of top Black owned and operated restaurants and cooks.

3:00 PM - Dance Showcase & Obesity Prevention dance and Fitness Showcase performances coordinated by STAY Entertainment.

4:00 PM - Community Actors Theater Presentation Excerpts of Earl Hamilton Jr. Play â€"R New Home” life in the Zoo.

6:00 PM - Virtual Panel Discussion Preserving Black Art museums, archiving and preserve Black History Art and Culture.

7:00 PM - The Black Museum History comes to life through the â€"Parade of History” Great Kings & Queens presentations.

Sunday, February 28
Day of Spiritual Celebration (Virtually)

2:00 PM - US Postal Service Kuumba Fest began in 2005 unveiling of the first Heritage Stamp Ella Fitzgerald this year is… to be unveiled.

2:30 PM - â€"Preaching the Blues” foregrounds the importance of black feminist artist in lynching culture and interdisciplinary scholarship.

4:00 PM - Virtual Gospel Artist New Release Showcase presented by Mandate Records

- Possible Special Guest artist Stay Tuned
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