THE SAN DIEGO PARTICIPANT OBSERVER Participant Observation is the Process of Learning by Observing and Participating in Cultural Life
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Wednesday, May 5
5:00 PM Film as Witness to the Holocaust: a Victim's Perspective with Leora Bilsky
Friday, May 7
12:00 PM iCafé – Your Passport to Culture!
7:00 PM Sierra Club Sierra Talks: Indigenous Heritage in SoCal
Wednesday, May 12
4:00 PM Book Talk: Things We Lost to the Water
Thursday, May 13
4:00 PM Talk: the Fall and Rise of U.S.-China Policy Uncertainty
6:30 PM Talk: India in South Asia: Fraught Regional Relationships
Friday, May 14
12:00 PM iCafé – Your Passport to Culture!
8:00 PM Film: Moulin Rouge!
Sunday, May 16
4:00 PM Haydn Voyages: Music at the Maritime, Paths Converge

< Thursday, May 13, 2021 >

4:00 PM Talk: the Fall and Rise of U.S.-China Policy Uncertainty In this talk, Kyle Handley will discuss his research and those by others about the reduction in trade policy uncertainty from the 1990s to 2000s before and after China joined the WTO in late 2001. the U.S. commitments induced market entry and more imports from China through the 2000s. Similarly, China's commitments on its own import tariffs increased uptake of foreign intermediate inputs and trade. the fall in trade policy uncertainty during this period had some important implications for U.S. prices and employment. in contrast, the new trade war tariffs and increase in policy uncertainty during the U.S.-China trade war may cast a long shadow on business confidence and global trade. Unwinding the tariffs and restoring credibility of regional trade agreements and the WTO will require significant work. the talk will be moderated by Victor Shih.

Admission/Cost: FREE

Online Streaming Event

Thursday, May 13 - 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
6:30 PM Talk: India in South Asia: Fraught Regional Relationships The San Diego World Affairs Council continues their "Distinguished Speaker" Series with a talk by Dr. Anish Goel.

Dr. Anish Goel works as a senior analyst in Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation, an internal think tank of the Department of Defense. in this role, Anish focuses on readiness issues for the armed forces as well as evaluation of global posture. Building on his experience in national security and foreign affairs, he conducts original research and analysis, provides expert guidance and recommendations to Defense leadership, and manages programs and initiatives.

Admission/Cost: FREE
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Online Streaming Event

Thursday, May 13 - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
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