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Monday, Jul 22
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
7:30 PM Book Signing: Tory Bilski
8:00 PM Stage: Avenue Q
Tuesday, Jul 23
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
Wednesday, Jul 24
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
Thursday, Jul 25
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
2:00 PM Yoichi Nakama Art Exhibit Opening and Workshop
4:00 PM Talk: Roberto Martínez
5:30 PM Stage: Comedy of Errors
7:00 PM Music Tribute to Mongo Santamaría & Jack Costanzo
8:00 PM Stage: Avenue Q
Friday, Jul 26
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
2:00 PM Book Signing: Jean Guerrero - Crux
5:00 PM The Golden Age of Spain Concert, Film and Art
5:30 PM Stage: Comedy of Errors
7:00 PM Music: Bulevar Descaega
7:00 PM La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival
7:00 PM Stage: Sweeney Todd
8:00 PM Film: Volver
8:00 PM Stage: Avenue Q
Saturday, Jul 27
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
10:00 AM Oral History Workshop: Jiātíng Gùshì
12:00 PM Vista Japanese Obon Festival
2:00 PM Stage: Sweeney Todd
5:30 PM Stage: Comedy of Errors
7:00 PM La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival
7:00 PM Stage: Sweeney Todd
8:00 PM Stage: Avenue Q
Sunday, Jul 28
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
12:00 PM House of Peru Lawn Program
12:00 PM Vista Japanese Obon Festival
2:00 PM Stage: Sweeney Todd
3:00 PM Stage: Avenue Q
7:00 PM Music: Led Kaapana
8:30 PM Film: Selena
Monday, Jul 29
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
Tuesday, Jul 30
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
Wednesday, Jul 31
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
Thursday, Aug 1
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
5:30 PM Stage: Comedy of Errors
Friday, Aug 2
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
5:30 PM Stage: Comedy of Errors
Saturday, Aug 3
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
5:30 PM Stage: Comedy of Errors
Sunday, Aug 4
All Day Ongoing and Extended Events
4:00 PM Saptavarna: Seven Shades of Dance
How to Travel and Do Good at the Same Time!
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Global Brigades
Global Brigades offers skill-based 1-3 week brigades to Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Ghana. Each of these programs meet an aspect of our holistic model to strengthen the health and economic development of communities. Programs range in focuses in construction, business development, community development, conservation, education, health, and human rights.

Global Citizen Year
Global Citizen Year enables volunteers to travel to Ecuador, Brazil, Senegal, and India in order to partake in language and cultural immersion programs, social enterprise development initiatives, and public health.

Global Leadership Adventures (GLA)
Who: Under 18
GLA provides service adventure opportunities to individuals under 18 to travel to countries such as Ghana, Belize, Costa Rica, Thailand, and India in order to partake in programs including wildlife conservation, language immersion, global health initiatives, and children initiatives. GLA encourages students to explore a wide range of global issues in order to find and pursue a passion that especially speaks to them.

Global Vision International (GVI)
The GVI volunteer program aims to focus on critical community development projects throughout countries such as Laos, India, Thailand, Nepal, Fiji, South Africa, and Costa Rica. These sustainable projects include marine and wildlife conservation, child care, animal care, health care and teaching.

Global Volunteer Network
Connects willing volunteers with challenged communities around the world with an emphasis on women and children.

Global Volunteers
Global Volunteers offers service opportunities throughout Poland, Portugal, Romania, St. Lucia, India, Vietnam, China, and more. Service opportunities are centered around youth empowerment, which can consist of education, teaching English, providing basic nutrition by harvesting and maintaining gardens, and providing stimulating and nurturing child care.

Global Volunteer
Apart of AIESEC this is a cross cultural experience for youth who what to gain personal development and leave an impact on the world.

Global Works
Who: High School Students
Trips run 8 to 21 days, and can focus on Global Action community development projects, conservation, language immersion, and pre-med or public health. And with destinations such as Cuba, Fiji, Spain, Nepal, and beyond, Global Works has lots of amazing opportunities worldwide for adventurous travelers who want to have fun and effect positive, impactful change in the communities they visit.

Globe Aware
Globe Aware is a nonprofit organization that develops short-term volunteer programs in a variety of countries that encourage people to immerse themselves in a unique way of giving back. Globe Aware aims to either promote cultural awareness or promote sustainability in every project that it partakes in. All projects meet several key criteria, including safe, culturally interesting, and genuinely beneficial to a needy community.

Go Abroad
Through Go Abroad, the volunteer will be working at an English Centre where they will be helping refugee children from war-torn countries who have come through the United Nations Refugee Programme adapt to their new surroundings in Australia through learning English and sports. These children come from countries such as Sudan, Somalia and Afghanistan.

Go Overseas
Go Overseas offers programs in South Africa, Nepal, Brazil, Ghana, India, and Costa Rica that focus on wildlife conservation, women's rights developments, health, education, and refugee relief.

GoEco focuses on volunteer experiences that contribute to the community, wildlife and environment. Opportunities include animal rescue and conservation, assisting the Giant Panda Center in China, teaching and working in Indian communities, promoting marine conservation and education at the Great White Shark Conservation in South Africa, and researching dolphin and marine life in Italy.

Greenheart Travel
Green Heart Travel implements programs in Costa Rica, Kenya, Spain, Sri Lanka, and more with projects that focus on animal care, environmental restoration, community development, and wildlife conservation.

Growth International Volunteer Excursions
Offers immersive opportunities working on sustainable development projects that drive lasting change; Improving infrastructure, increasing educational opportunities, implementing freshwater systems,as well as other substantial programs

Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity partners with people in your community, and all over the world, to help them build or improve a place they can call home. Habitat homeowners help build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. Habitat for Humanity serves families in countries such as China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Portugal, Jordan, Tajikistan, Egypt, Malawi, and more.

Have Fun Do Good
Have Fun Do Good focuses on providing volunteers with trips to Costa Rica, Breckenridge, or national parks with programs that range from teaching kids how to snowboard to working with turtles. Programs are open to participants 21 and over.

Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO)
Health Volunteers Overseas is dedicated to improving the availability and quality of health care through the education, training and professional development of the health workforce in resource-scarce countries. HVO implements institutions that are sustainable and build local capacity. Projects include cardiology, dermatology, essential surgery, and cancer care in countries such as India, Rwanda, Honduras, Guyana, Bolivia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Help Exchange Worldwide
A website that lists worldwide hosts who are looking for an extra pair of hands, whether it be in their farm or garden, working in schools or on religious projects, building houses or community centers, or simply helping a family take the kids to school.

Hope Worldwide
Hope worldwide is an international charity aiming to deliver sustainable, high-impact, community based services to the poor and needy. This organization offers volunteer opportunities in Hurricane relief, Hope Youth Corps, Community service brigades and others.

I-to-i focuses on providing TEFL certification and enabling individuals to travel and connect with various cultures and communities through paid internships teaching English. Internships are based in China, Colombia, Thailand, South Africa, Cambodia, and more.

IFRE Volunteers
Volunteer and internship opportunities with over 200 projects in 18 countries, including teaching English and community development.

Offers volunteer and responsible adventure travel programs designed to educate, inspire and educate more active global citizens. Programs in South Africa, Thailand, Dominican republic and more.

Iko-Poran is a non-profit organization based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and offers projects in Thailand, Uganda, Cambodia, Argentina, Ecuador, and more. Volunteers are given opportunities to work with child development, teaching, construction, NGO support, arts and design, and more.

International Association for Volunteer Effort
Aims to promote, strengthen, and celebrate volunteering all over the world with members in more than 70 countries. This organization connects NGOS, businesses, and volunteer centers to make a significant contribution to resolving the world's most pressing problems.

International Service Learning (ISL) leads groups of volunteers to twelve different countries providing essential community and medical services for those in need. Countries include Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Belize, and more. ISL programs focus on fields such as global health, dentistry, optometry, and physical therapy.

International Student Volunteers (ISV)
ISV enables volunteers to travel to Australia, South Africa, Dominican Republic, New Zealand, and more in order to participate in local and community development initiatives, environmental sustainability, constructing housing and sanitation infrastructures, and more. ISV offers programs for college and university students age 18 and older, non-students age 18 and older, and high school students age 15-18.

International Volunteer Headquarters (IVHQ)
IVHQ programs heighten global awareness and cultural understanding through the skills and expertise taken by volunteers to their host communities, and through the experiences and lessons that volunteers take back to their own countries and cultures. IVHQ holds programs in South Africa, Guatemala, Peru, Sri Lanka, and many other countries that aim to enhance arts and culture in underdeveloped environments, provide childcare, renovate facilities, develop communities, and enhance healthcare amongst other things.

International Volunteer Program
Outreach360 provides its volunteers with an opportunity to transform the lives of children, while gaining a broader world-view through powerful cultural and educational experiences. Programs where volunteers are committed to building the future of disadvantaged youth living in impoverished areas of Latin america

JENGA Community Development Outreach
JENGA works in urban slums and rural villages of eastern Uganda providing basic essentials to the most vulnerable people of Uganda as well as diverse and sustainable development projects.
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