8:30 am - Saturday, June 29

Workshop: Principles of Japanese Garden Design

Everde Growers - Miramar Farm and Landscape Center, 5400 Governer Drive, San Diego

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This APLD workshop will focus on traditional Japanese aesthetic concepts with the aim of creating compositions that can be incorporated into many styles of gardens. Emphasis will include principles and techniques of composition developed over centuries by the Japanese, based on the rhythms and patterns observed in the natural landscape. The class will include lecture as well as a hands-on exercise in the classroom. Ken Siers is a landscape architect and teacher. With more than thirty years in professional practice, he designs tranquil spaces that bring the beauty that can be felt in nature. He teaches his college Japanese Gardens Design class to help students and designers understand the core principles and techniques that underlie this ancient Japanese art. His philosophy follows simplicity, naturalness and tranquility.

Admission/Cost: Free - $25

Everde Growers - Miramar Farm and Landscape Center
5400 Governer Drive
San Diego, CA

Saturday, June 29 - 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM