2:00 pm - Sunday, June 26

Musical: Lempicka

Mandell Weiss Forum, 2910 La Jolla Village Dr, San Diego


Amid the political upheaval of the early 20th Century, a young painter named Tamara de Lempicka and her aristocrat husband are forced to abandon their luxurious lifestyle in St. Petersburg and flee to the dubious safety of Paris. Relying on raw talent and relentless ambition, Tamara claws her way from penniless refugee to in-demand portraitist, earning a place among Parisian high society. Her world is upended once again when she meets Rafaela, a free spirit from the city slums, who introduces Tamara to a new world of decadence and passion. Torn between her new muse and her husband, and fighting to leave her mark on an ever-changing world, Tamara must discover the depths of her own strength to survive. Spanning decades of political turmoil and told through a thrilling, pop-infused score, Lempicka boldly explores the contradictions of a world in crisis, a woman ahead of her era, and an artist whose time has finally come.

Admission/Cost: $25 - $95

Mandell Weiss Forum, UCSD
2910 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego, CA 92093

Dates and times:
From June 14 to July 24, 2022
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