12:00 pm - Saturday, June 18

Axis Juneteenth Celebration

Old Globe Theatre, Balboa Park, San Diego

Festivals, Fairs and Celebrations

Join the Old Globe in their outdoor theatre for our free Juneteenth Celebration in collaboration with the George L. Stevens Senior Center!

Hosted by Gill Sotu, this event’s lineup includes poetry and music by performers Def Sound, Reg E Gaines, and Brittany Taylor; a choir performance by David Dredden and Undefeated; a Juneteenth storytelling by poet Alyce Smith Cooper; a comedy set by Kree Rushing; and a presentation by The Old Globe—all sharing performance pieces inspired by the annual holiday.

Although offered for FREE, tickets are required as this is a general admission event.

Admission/Cost: FREE Please Registration Required.

The Old Globe
Balboa Park
San Diego, CA

Saturday, June 18 - 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM