2:00 pm - Saturday, June 18

House of Puerto Rico Lawn Program

International Cottages, Balboa Park, San Diego

Festivals, Fairs and Celebrations

The entertainment is provided by the Areito Borincano Folkloric Dance Group of San Diego and musician/composer member Manny Cepeda. The beautiful dances and costumes of the Puerto Rican Culture as well as the authentic music are displayed in a colorful program.

Stop by our food booth where you will be able to enjoy delights such as Rice with Pinto Beans or Pigeon Peas (arroz con habichuelas ó arroz con gandules), Deep Fried Meat Turnover (flour: pastelillos or plantain: alcapurrias), Cod fish fritters (bacalaitos) and the popular desert Flan. For the Ethnic Food Fair in May and the December Nights, the menu will be the same as for the Lawn Program.

Admission/Cost: FREE

International Cottages (HPR)
Balboa Park
San Diego, CA

Saturday, June 18 - 2:00 PM