7:00 pm - Friday, June 17

German FIlm: Cleo

Digital Gym, 1100 Market St. 2nd Floor, San Diego

The imaginative Cleo (Marleen Lohse) has an almost magical connection to her hometown Berlin. Since childhood, she could see people and things from the city’s past that no one else could. But what she wants most of all is to turn back time to before the death of her parents. A treasure of mythological proportion, a magical clock, promises the solution. So together with three quirky but loveable companions, Paul (Jeremy Mockridge), Zille (Maximilian Mauff), and Günni (Heiko Pinkowski), Cleo sets off to find it embarking on a quest that takes her all over Berlin, back into time, and deep into her own emotional world. Schmitt’s debut feature is an artfully crafted cinematic fairytale for adults that is a love song to both the city of Berlin and to the power of imagination.

This film is presented by the German Currents film series at the Digital Gym.

Admission/Cost: $8 - $12

Digital Gym
1100 Market St. 2nd Floor
San Diego, CA 92101