12:00 pm - Saturday, September 25

Art Exhibition: Gabriel Rico

Institute of Contempoary Art, 1439 El Prado, San Diego

Visual Arts

The new Institute of Contemporary Art, San Diego presenting “Unity in Variety” , the first ever solo exhibition in California of Mexican artist Gabriel Rico, opening on September 24. Rico’s sculptures will transform the new I- C- A San Diego’s Balboa Park galleries using natural objects sourced locally in San Diego, neon, taxidermy, and augmented reality. Free through ICA San Diego’s Pay As You Wish initiative. RELATED: The New Institute Of Contemporary Art San Diego Wants To Question Everything (KPBS feature) Excerpt: Gabriel Rico's work is conceptual while also being hyper focused on objects — the philosophical and relational nature of objects and materials, and how in object- oriented ontology the material world is defined by objects. "You can define a period of time just with one object. For example, a Coca- Cola bottle. If you see a Coca- Cola bottle you can define a precise space- time situation, just because before a certain point in time it’s known that the humans cannot have the capacity to manipulate or create glass. Another example is a CD or USB port," Rico said. With those precise points in space and time, he added, you can construct a history. "Or, in my case I construct pieces of art." Contemporary art, Rico said, is just a concept, meaning art that is being made in a specific time. "This doesn't mean you can't mix ancient techniques with new technologies, that's an important part of contemporary art." - - Julia Dixon Evans, KPBS

Admission/Admission/Cost: FREE

Institute of Contemporary Art
Balboa Park
1439 El Prado
San Diego, CA 92101

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