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Spreckels Theater

A jewel in the crown of San Diego's cultural institutions, the historic site Spreckels Theatre has come to epitomize the pinnacle of artistic excellence, endeavor, and achievement.
Located in the heart of the downtown Theatre District on Broadway, the Spreckels Theatre opened its doors in 1912. Since that day this magnificent 1,463 seat theatre has played host to San Diego's finest attractions; first as a vaudeville house; then as a movie palace of the motion picture hey-days; and now, again as a live presentation venue.
The Spreckels has hosted world renowned soloists; top theatrical productions; star attractions; first run films; touring acts; international companies for music, theatre, and dance: celebrated comics; and even the Chinese Circus. San Diego's cultural performance companies and great performances from the world stage have all graced this elegant venue for 100 years. The Spreckels Theatre was honored to be designated a National Historic Site in 1973.

Contact information:
Ticket Information: (619) 235-9500
Ticketmaster: (619) 220-8497
Booking Information: (914) 837-3012
Theatre Office: (619) 234-8397

Spreckels Theater
121 Broadway, Suite 600
San Diego, CA 92101

For shows and tickets at this venue, please visit:
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