6:00 pm - Thursday, May 26

Italian Film: Rosa Pietra Stella (Rose Stone Star)


Italian cinema still brings us beautiful, contemporary Neorealist films. Rosa Pietra Stella is the lively fiction feature debut from documentary director Marcello Sannino. The protagonist is 30-year-old Carmela (the title of the film refers to a line from a song with the same title: “Rose, rock, star”), who scrapes together a living doing a range of odd jobs. Her situation becomes more complicated when a deal to provide visas to illegal migrants through a lawyer goes badly wrong, leading to her being evicted from her home along with her mother and her eleven-year-old daughter, Maria. The story portrays everyday life and survival in Portici, the old, multicultural part of Naples where Sannino himself grew up. With a superb eye for local details and a great cast, he tells a nuanced, unsentimental, empathetic tale.

In Italian and Neapolitan with English subtitles. Available only in the US.

Admission/Cost: $7 - $14

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Thursday, May 26 - 6:00 PM