10:00 am - Saturday, November 20

Lecture: The Extraordinary Life of Ma Sicong

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Ma Sicong is one of China's most notable musical geniuses. He composed 57 symphonies and concertos and performed hundreds of sold-out concerts around the globe.

Initially, Chairman Mao Zedong declared the patriotic, dignified Ma "a national treasure" and nicknamed him The King of Violins. But with the advent of the Cultural Revolution, Ma's status plummeted—his music became verboten, family members were murdered, and he was publicly humiliated and physically abused. In 1967, Ma fled his homeland for America. Twenty years later, Ma died of heart complications at the age of 76.

For decades, Ma's bittersweet life facts have been buried in the pages of Chinese history by the CPC. Today's lecture offers attendees a glimpse at Ma's never-before-told story. As such, it includes rare photos, documents, musical excerpts, and inciteful comments from Ma's last remaining family member, Dr. Cheng Ken Chi.

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Saturday, November 20 - 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM